Believing in cycling. Believing in you

Having years of experience in the cycling world I have developed an in-depth understanding of the positive effect the right bike can make to the cyclist. I believe that your bike should be perfectly tailored to your body, your style and your needs, optimising your cycling experience.

I work closely with you to determine your needs, whether it is customising your current cycle or building you something new. I believe in investing time into each design, using quality materials and paying attention to detail, giving you a specialised, handcrafted product that is built just for you.

Custom Frame Building


Custom Wheel Building


Bicycle Services

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Why custom built wheels?

– Wheels that suit you and your bike.
– Wheels that suit the riding conditions of the roads you cycle.
– Wheels that are stronger and more stable than a factory built wheel.

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What PIM Cycles offers you

– Bicycle builds
– Bicycle maintenance and servicing
– Frame building and frame repairs
– Wheel building
– Wheel repairs
– Custom Carbon rims
– Spokes of all shapes and sizes

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We offer a one year warranty on all completely new builds. We will re-true free of charge and replace any spoke if the worst does happen.