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Meet Dylan Thomas

After starting my working life as a chef, combining my love of travel with my culinary talents working around the world. Whilst I love cooking (and eating) I realised that working in such enclosed spaces and such long hours just wasn’t for me. I swapped my chefs whites for bikes, I instantly fell in love with being a cycle messenger and the mechanics of bikes which led me into the workshops around York then I toured Canada and the USA by bike. Upon my return to the UK I knew i wanted to do something special. Something which challenged the mundane and allowed me to apply the passion I have to earning my living and so PIM Cycles was born.

I am a guy who loves his bikes. I am passionate about quality in all things, from the food I cook to the bikes I build and ride. I have transferred my dedication to quality and my multitude of cycling experiences, into my business. I love working with my customers, many of whom share my passion for cycling, to ensure they ride away with a cycle which fully meets their needs, is made perfectly for them and which is made to the highest specifications, which sometimes only handmade custom built cycles can achieve, but is something which all cyclists deserve. My eye for detail and my individualised, unique approach to bike building enables my customers to enjoy their enhanced cycling experience in full confidence that their cycle is the very best it can be.