Bicycle Frame Building

At Poetry in Motion I do not just build great wheels. I also am a custom frame builder, building everything from track bikes, road bikes all the way to mountain bikes for people 6’5”+

It’s important to me that my bikes are unlike any other and unique to you and how you ride. Each little piece, from the dropouts and cable adjusters, to each individual tube, is selected just for you.
I love detail! but I love the understated design of a custom made frame even more. Your frame is going to exude care and craftsmanship without gaudy over the top bling. I’m talking about details that 30 years into the future, as you lean your beaten up bike, covered in mud and chipped paintwork against a wall, passers-by will take the time to comment “that is a fine bit of craftsmanship”.

So you love your new wheels. You are delighted with your gear set. Yet there seems to still be something amiss and it is likely to be your frame. A custom made frame is made specifically for your body and the components that you already have. Taking into consideration your physical needs, your riding style, the speeds at which you ride and the terrain you cycle, I design and build a frame which meets these requirements and which uses the best materials and the most effective techniques available.


The tubing I use comes from Columbus (Italy) and Reynolds (UK). The new steel alloys that these master metallurgists produce are more than twice the strength of most of the materials commonly used. Using these top quality strongest materials allows us to make some of the lightest steel frames on the market.


I use silver to build my lug frames, as it has a very low melting temperature allowing the matrix of the steel to be left virtually unchanged and its strength unaffected.
I also use fillet brazing using brass when creating a frame which requires a seamless flow from tube to tube.


The process
So, you’re looking to get some custom wheels built, or a frame, or indeed an entire bicycle. The next stage is to call me for a consultation. I’ll work through a series of questions in order to ascertain exactly what you want and what you need. Once I’ve taken a little time to create the design that will work for you I will give you a quote and time scale. If you wish to proceed, I require a 35% deposit (non refundable) prior to starting the building of your bike. If necessary we can go to York Cycleworks for custom fitting in their state of the art ‘Trek Precesion Fit’ studio.


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Ettore Bugatti Bicycle
Ettore Bugatti Bicycle
Ettore Bugatti Bicycle